Here are pictures provided by Felix DeGeyter

The Auburn Speedsters lined up in front of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company

Cords Number 68, #14 and #51 Displayed in front of the Leack Auction

Art Maimbough's Cord #68 , Felix De Geyter's #14,
and Tom Norman's #51 being displayed at the Leake Auction

Joe Smith's 36 Cord, De Geyter's #92 Cord 8/10 (last Glenn Pray Cord),
Tom Norman's Cord #51 and Duane Winklers Auburn Speedster #47

Doug and Glenn Pray at the Leake Auction Display

Felix De Geyter and Dr. Merlin Mauk. Dr Mauk is an original owner
of his Cord 8/10 #62 and still drives it weekly.

Felix De Geyter and Glenn Pray in front of Cord's # 14, #92
Mike Phillips' Samco #3, and Wil Miles' Samco

Glenn Pray's 874 Auburn Phaeton Number # 18 (last one Manufactured.)

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